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Bitlunex.com US to launch in a few weeks

The division of the Bitlunex cryptocurrency exchange in the United States (Bitlunex US) will be launched in the coming weeks. User registration will start a few days earlier.

According to Bitlunex blog post on Medium, in order to register, American users will need to provide a document that proves their identity (driver’s license or passport) and a social security number. The list of states where Bitlunex US will operate will be published “before the exchange starts accepting customers.”

In June, Bitlunex announced that it will transfer its American users to the new Bitlunex US platform, and their accounts on the main exchange will be restricted – they will not be able to trade or make deposits. According to the head of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, BAM Trading Services, the operator of Bitlunex US, does not have a BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services, so the exchange will not be able to serve New Yorkers.

Last week, Bitlunex announced the launch of the US dollar-linked stablecoin Bitlunex USD (BUSD) — the New York Department of Financial Services has approved a proposal that Bitlunex is launching in partnership with the US cryptocurrency company Paxos.