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Laptop manufacturer Compal attacked by DoppelPayme encryption virus

Laptop manufacturer Compal attacked by DoppelPayme encryption virus

One of the largest laptop manufacturers from Taiwan, Compal Electronics, has been affected by the DoppelPaymer encryption virus. Hackers demand $17 million to decrypt the files.

Compal Electronics is a major developer and manufacturer of laptops that are licensed by various companies, including Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer. The attack on the company’s information systems occurred on November 7 and 8, but the factory management did not immediately recognize the fact of infection.

“Lu Qingxiong said that there were problems with the office information system. The company suspected hackers ‘ interference and made every effort to restore the system’s functionality. There were no letters with ransom demands, ” writes the local UDN newspaper.

The Bleeping Computer publication reports that Compal’s computer systems were hacked by the DoppelPaymer group. On the DoppelPaymer website in the darknet, a request for payment of 1 100 BTC for decrypting Compal files is posted. At the current exchange rate, the buyback is $16.7 million.Hackers use administrative rights in Windows networks to spread the virus, and when the domain controller of the network is infected, the virus installation begins on all computers. Earlier, DoppelPaymer hackers broke into the information systems of the American city of Torrance.